Fire Department

Royce CalenderThe Danville Fire Department was established in 1876 and is one of the oldest paid fire departments in the State of Kentucky. Currently, the department is organized with two staffed fire stations. Firefighters are on duty 24/7, 365 days per year at both fire stations.

The department utilized a three platoon system, with each platoon rotating through a 24-hour on-duty and 48-hour off-duty schedule. Each platoon has a chain of command with the Battalion Chief being established as the platoon supervisor. The Battalion Chief's quarters are located on Main Street. In addition to the Battalion Chief, two Fire Lieutenants manage the fire companies and report to the Battalion Chief. The average daily staffing is 9 personnel per day for emergency responses and other duties.

We hope you find it easy to navigate and informative. The web page will be updated regularly to keep the public informed of the happenings within the fire department. Please come back and visit us again to see what's new and if you wish, stop by either of our fire stations for a visit and tour.

Over the years the Danville Fire Department has worked very hard to provide the highest quality of service to the people of the City of Danville. We have an outstanding group of firefighters who work hard and train diligently. They take great pride in both the services they provide and in our department. They consistently push for innovation and excellence! Our City government supports the fire department 100%, and due to this reason, the fire department has been able to accomplish a tremendous amount of improvements within the last five years. We look forward to our continued growth and development as a department and a viable economic factor within the city.

The most important function of any Fire Department is prevention. Through education and inspections, we hope to prevent/reduce the occurrence of situations that produce injury, death, and destruction of property or negatively impact our environment. Our goal is always to save lives, save property and prevent damage to the environment.

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We appreciate your interest and continued support of our department. If you have any questions about our department or the services we provide, please feel free to contact Fire Chief, Doug Simpson at 859-238-1211. And always be fire safe!