The City of Danville Stormwater Utility was formed on January 1, 2008. This department maintains and improves the Stormwater System within the City of Danville. These duties include:

  • Maintenance activities on existing infrastructure such as inlets, pipes, culverts, and detention basins.  Click here to report any maintenance issues.
  • Interacting with the Kentucky Division of Water to keep the City in compliance with its Stormwater Permit.  Click here to view a Fact Sheet concerning the requirements of the City's permit.
  • Managing the design and construction of capital improvements

Stormwater Pollution

One of the six Minimum Control Measures for the City's Stormwater Permit is Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination.  Please click the link below to report any discharges of pollutants in to the City's stormwater system including sediment.

Report Stormwater Pollution or Illicit Discharges

Capital Projects

Visit the Engineering Page to see updates on Stormwater Capital Projects