Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Danville by working together with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote public safety. To achieve this mission, we commit to these specific values:

  • We value our members and have confidence in individual initiative and the ability to solve problems.
  • We value our partnership with the community as a means of identifying and addressing public safety and other quality of life issues.
  • We value excellence and are committed to continuous process improvement.
  • We value the law and are committed to the protection of individual human rights.
  • We value diversity among our department members and the community we serve.
  • We value integrity, fairness, and open communication.
  • We value teamwork and collaboration as a means to achieve organizational success.
  • We value courteous and respectful interaction with all people.

Values Statement

Central to our mission are values that guide us in making the "RIGHT Decisions" and help us to contribute to the quality of life in Danville. In striving to make the "RIGHT Decision" we value:

  • Respect - All persons have the RIGHT to be treated in a fair, dignified, courteous, and equitable manner. We take an active role in understanding and working within the great diversity of our community. Furthermore, we identify special needs as related to cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic diversity and respond in an appropriate manner.
  • Integrity - Common Trust marks the basis of integrity. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct.
  • Goal-Oriented - By having clearly defined goals we maintain a forward progression of service to our community. Goals are the basis for a smooth and focused operation of an organization. We continue to evaluate and update our goals as they relate to the citizens of the community and the level of service that we provide to them.
  • Honesty - To live honorably, creditably, and virtuously - these are the three precepts of a "Justinian" or just life. It can also be attributed to the manner in which we execute our duties of protection and service to our community.
  • Teamwork - The central element to a well-working organization is teamwork. We fully embrace the building of partnerships within our community and among ourselves. We understand that by working together as a team the quality of life in Danville can be improved and maintained.