Downtown Masterplan

Reimagining Downtown Danville

Building on the past to move boldly into the future.

Read the Full Downtown Masterplan: Reimagining Downtown Danville

The Study Area

Our study area focuses on the main corridors that run North to South, and East to West through the heart of Downtown Danville. Some of the key locations outside of the Central Business District (CBD) and Historic districts are Centre College and Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center. The four major thoroughfares are 3rd and 4th Street traveling north and south, along with Main and Walnut Street traveling east and west, navigating the community in and out of downtown. Other local landmarks in and around our study area include Constitution Square, the Kentucky School for the Deaf, and Michael M. Smith Memorial Park that runs along Clarks Run to the south.

The Project Schedule

The Reimagining Downtown Danville process will take place over approximately 8-months through the development of three phases of work.

  • Phase 1 is focused on listening and engaging the community while simultaneously collecting data and analyzing current issues and opportunities.
  • Phase 2 will build on the community input and data analysis. The team in partnership with the City and stakeholders will develop a series of ideas for how to address community concerns and leverage existing opportunities.
  • Phase 3 will focus on the final development of the downtown plan, prioritization of projects, and development of an implementation plan to kick-start the process

Downtown study area map with legend.