New Residents

Applying for Water & Trash / Recycling Service

To apply for water and trash/recycling service you must come into City Hall and we will need the following:

Application for Service

Download the Application for Service (PDF) or get one at the Water Department. We do not take applications over the phone or via our website. We perform next-day service, so the customer will need to into the office at least one day before the wanted water is turned on.

Driver's License

The driver's license may be from another state but all licenses must be current. An expired license will not be accepted.

Deposit & Non-Refundable Service Fee

  • If the customer is buying the house, they do not have to pay a $100 deposit. They pay only the $25 non-refundable service fee.
  • If the customer is renting, they will need to pay a $100 deposit and a $25 non-refundable service fee for a total of $125.
  • To waive the $100 deposit, the new customer may provide a Letter of Good Credit from another utility service (electric, gas, or water) showing they have not been turned off for non-payment for the previous 12 months. The Letter of Good Credit may be from any state that they had served with as long as it has been within the last 12 months.
  • After a year, if the new customer still has service with the City and has not been turned off for non-payment, the $100 deposit is credited to their account as a payment.

Applications & Forms

Contact Us

For assistance or additional information, please contact the Water Department at 859-238-1200.