Entertainment Destination Center

Project Overview

The Entertainment Destination Center (EDC) is a project that draws people to Danville's downtown, strengthens existing local businesses, and attracts new entrepreneurs.  This Center boosts existing restaurant and hospitality industries by allowing customers to take to-go alcoholic drinks in designated cups from participating businesses and stroll our historic streets, browse the windows of our local businesses and partake in outdoor events.

Ordinance Establishing Danville Entertainment Destination Center

Downtown Danville Entertainment District Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Entertainment Destination Center?  The EDC allows patrons at participating restaurants and bars to leave the premise with an alcoholic beverage in a specially marked cup. A newly established Entertainment Destination Center will boost our restaurant and hospitality industries, and draw more people Downtown.

Where can I have alcoholic beverages in downtown Danville?  Alcoholic beverages purchased from a business in the EDC must be consumed within the boundaries. (See map) EDC map

When are alcoholic beverages allowed in the EDC?  Alcoholic beverages are only allowed on public property when the EDC is activated per event.

Can I take my EDC cup anywhere within Danville's EDC district?  Businesses participating and located in the EDC may allow patrons to leave its premises with alcoholic beverage drinks and consume those drinks at other licensed premises or any EDC common area. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in unlicensed premises but are permitted in EDC common areas. Taking alcoholic beverages outside the physical boundaries of the EDC is prohibited.

Can I take my EDC cup adjacent to the program boundary?  To-go drinks stay in the district. Beverages purchased outside the district are prohibited.

Can I purchase an EDC cup and put my own drink in it to walk around downtown Danville during a special event?  No, only drinks purchased from a participating business in the EDC are allowed by state law. No cans, glass bottles, or outside drinks are permitted within the boundaries. Anyone with alcohol on public property not purchased from a participating business during permitted hours or during a designated special event can be cited and/or arrested.  

Can I bring my EDC cup back to another event?  No. District cups are only permitted for a single use when leaving a downtown business to walk to another location within the EDC.

What are the repercussions for those exiting the boundaries with alcohol?  Should patrons leave the boundary, they can be cited and/or arrested.