Downtown Streetscape Update

The Downtown Danville Streetscape Project began in the Summer of 2022 with the goal of creating  safer, more functional sidewalks in the Downtown area. Providing additional "bump-outs" offer small-businesses extra space to enhance the customers experience, as well as creating more space between pedestrians and traffic. The design of this project also intends to slow traffic through the Downtown area where we see much more pedestrian traffic than in other areas of town. By shortening the distance of crosswalks, pedestrians can much more safely and easily cross the streets. 

New furniture, fixtures and lighting amenities are added to offer an inviting environment to Downtown Danville and to improve visibility in the evening or early morning hours. While parking continues to be a concern during the construction process, visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the 2 hours of free parking in the 3rd street parking garage, which remains free after 5 pm, the free gravel lot in front of the Art Center of the Bluegrass, or the designated customer spots in the 2nd and 3rd street lots. 

Yes, a project of this size presents Weisiger Park Fountain plansmany challenges, particularly in a time of global supply issues, worker shortages and good-ole Kentucky weather. The good news is...the contractors of this project have continued to work and find solutions and the end is near! You are beginning to see a glimpse of the finished product, with bollards, trees and pavers having been installed.

We expect to see the sidewalks on Main Street and the corners of Main and Second Intersection to be completed by the end of July. That will leave only the S Third and N Fourth areas, which are expected to be completed by Mid August. 

Let there be lights! The streetlights and remaining lighting fixtures have arrived and will be installed in the coming weeks.  All of the site furnishings, such as benches, trash receptacles, and flower planters, have been delivered and will be installed as the sidewalks are completed.  The new fountain (see the rendering, right) is set to be fully installed by the middle of July and the pavers surrounding it will be completed by August.

Then, only South Third and North Fourth will require sidewalk construction, with an anticipated completion date of mid-August. The only major item that is not due to be completed by August is the new Traffic Signal Mast Arms which are scheduled to be delivered in October.

We are thrilled to see a finished product and confident the new streetscape will bring even more excitement, entertainment and visitors to Downtown Danville!

Check out drone footage of the Streetscape Project from early June 2023!