How can I become a firefighter?

Applications are available from Human Resources at City Hall or you can check our job postings. You must have a high school diploma or a GED and you must have a valid Kentucky driver's license, by state law.

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1. Where can I find contact information for local resources?
2. Where can I find information about what to do after a fire?
3. Where can I find information about Community Preparedness?
4. Where can I find additional information regarding health, law enforcement, and preparedness?
5. How can I get a child seat inspected or installed?
6. Does the Danville Fire Department have a smoke detector program?
7. Can I get a fire station tour?
8. Do I need a fire escape ladder?
9. Why does the Fire Department flow test hydrants?
10. What can I burn? What restrictions apply?
11. Where do I get a burn permit? Is there a fee involved?
12. How can I become a firefighter?
13. How can I become a part-time firefighter?
14. Does the fire department clean chimneys?
15. What can I do if my water is discolored?
16. What about my pets during a fire?